Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Why trade FX with CMC Markets?

We have over 320 FX pairs

We offer over 320 currency pairs including forward contracts on the most popular pairs in the market.
Our lowest ever FX spreads

Our FX spreads are extremely competitive, starting from 0.7 points. We publish our typical spreads on our website on a weekly basis so you can be sure that our pricing is consistent and transparent.

Remember that markets can move against you and that losses can exceed your initial deposit, so ensure you understand the risks.
Our lowest ever FX margins

With CMC Markets you can now trade major FX pairs with a 0.20% tier 1 position margin requirement (500:1 leverage). For example, with a position margin of $1,000, you could open up a $500,000 currency trading position.

Please remember that increased leverage enhances your losses as well as your profits. Markets can also move against you and losses can exceed your initial deposit, so ensure you understand the risks.
Award winning* trading platform

Our award winning* platform has been designed with the FX trader in mind. Our mobile trading apps are available on iPad, iPhone and Android™ devices, so you can keep up with the FX market wherever you are. Our platforms’ user interface is unique and highly developed. We’ve invested significantly in the hardware and infrastructure that supports the platforms to give you a market leading trading experience.
Large trade sizes

Our Price Ladder technology shows our price depth which allows our clients to enter trade sizes far greater than the average market size, in just one trade. When trading in the largest sizes, we provide the same automatic execution that we do for smaller trades, but with a widened spread that will be reflective of the increased trade size.

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